Musical Endeavors



FROND is the musical partnership between myself and Ben Hinn. It sounds like the mixtapes covering every corner of the psychedelic diaspora while driving through forests in the Western United States. In the project, I play bass and share singing duties with Ben. We both write for it. I also serve as band mom and taskmaster. Our first 9 shows were all on weekends and over half of those were festivals; a fact that makes my ego bigger than it should be.

The Grizzled Mighty

I joined The Grizzled Mighty in 2018 as their very first bass player. I bring simple, solid bass grooves and serve a lot of face. I recorded tracks for the upcoming album so stay on the lookout for that.

Golden Idols

I’ve been a member of Golden Idols since 2014. It was the first real band I ever joined. From the very song I heard Patrick Broz, I became a huge fan of his lyrics and songwriting, and have remained one ever since. I’m the only other original member, besides Patrick, but the majority of our band’s life has been with the current dream team of Saba Samakar on drums and Eric Peterson on guitar and keys.