Pop Viz: David Bowie Tour History

January 11, 2016

In case you haven’t heard, a great man and artist passed away last night, just days after his 69th birthday. That man was David Fucking Bowie. I’m devastated. And I’m mourning the only way I know how, with data. I threw together this visualization where you can track David Bowie’s tour history. I’ve also tried to hunt down a video from every tour on Youtube, so clicking on the tours in the bar chart below should open those up. I’m a little frustrated with the Path maps: it’s breaking up the paths by country. It also is showing a “*” for a lot of the dates and venues for when Mr. Bowie played a city multiple times, but adding those to the detail shelf messes up the path map even further. I’m guessing the solution is something having to do with LOD calcs, but I’m still experimenting. But, I wanted to get this out there so we can all start to heal.

UPDATE: My brilliant co-worker Richard Wesley had a super simple solution to my path map woes. Using Max([Country]) instead of [Country] still preserves all of the cities in places while also not using it as a dimension to divvy up the data. Thanks dude!!!!

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