Pop Viz: The Darth Jar Jar Theory

December 8, 2015

For the past couple weeks, every time I’m making small talk with someone and they mention their excitement for the new Star Wars movie, I quickly segue into “OMG. HAVE YOU HEARD THE DARTH JAR JAR THEORY?” Judging by some data analysis of Reddit that I’ve done; I’m not the only nerd doing this.


For those of a slightly less geeky nature, Jar Jar Binks is an incredibly unpopular character from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. As the title implies, someone in the film is supposed to be an unexpected bad guy. But, we never really find out who that is. By the end, we assume it’s Emperor Palpatine. However, some Star Wars super fans have posited that the Phantom Menace is an even more unexpected character: Jar Jar Binks. Check out this video to see the whole theory:

This theory really rose to prominence in a Reddit post last October. In the dashboard below, I used import.io to scrape Reddit for any post containing “Jar Jar Binks”. You can see that prior to the theory becoming mainstream, the only people that routinely talked about Jar Jar were in the subreddit /r/whowouldwin, which pits all kinds of characters against each other and people debate who would win in that fight. After the theory, a whole subreddit on it /r/DarthJarJar because a popular place for people to suggest and discuss evidence for the theory of Jar Jar being a Sith lord.

Here’s the dashboard:

As for me…well:
I want to believe

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