New Year’s Resolutions, Data Edition

January 5, 2015

Happy 2015, everyone!

I hope your year is already off to a fabulous start! I’ve been thinking, I’d really like to set some goals for myself this year, so I’m making my DATA RESOLUTIONS. And I’m declaring them in front of all you people on the internet so that I’ll feel at least slightly accountable. Ready…. let’s go!

Resolution 1: Learn Python

I love using tools like for web scraping, but sometimes it isn’t enough. This year I want to learn enough Python to be able to do some web scraping and data formatting jobs.

Resolution 2: Improve Javascript skills and learn D3

People all over the web are using D3, including for some nifty Tableau applications. So, I want to as well!

Resolution 3: Grow the /r/tableau community

I’ve been neglecting my poor baby, the /r/tableau subreddit. This year, I want to get more happening with it including contests, discussions, IamA’s with Tableau Employees and more!

That’s enough for now, since these are all pretty big undertakings. What are your data resolutions?

January 6, 2015 @ 1:56 pm

Hi Jewel,

#1 and #2 are on my list as well, but might be harder for me to achieve since I don’t have any scripting experience to speak of. I’ve done some work in VBA and Java eons ago, but haven’t touched that in a long while. If you feel so inclined, please post the resources you use to learn either.

I intend to use these two, for now:

For D3:

For Python:

Now let’s see how ambitious I end up being this year. :-)


    January 6, 2015 @ 4:28 pm

    Nice! I’m more of a interactive learner, so I’m doing Codecademy and DashingD3.js, as well as joining some local meetups. Maybe we should form a python study group!

      January 8, 2015 @ 9:57 am

      Thanks for the recommendation for CodeAcademy. I’d heard that mentioned before, but never looked into it. I think that’s the way I’ll go too, at least to kick things off. I can always dive into the massive tomes later.

      Study groups are always a cool idea, especially if the meeting place has above average beverages. :-)


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