#Data14- Pimp My Viz follow-up

September 16, 2014

I had SOOOOOO MUCH FUN being Xzibit for a day and getting to pimp some vizzes last week! Thanks to everyone who came and hung out with me. For those who missed it, here are the vizzes I pimped and some information about what I did with them.

Mat Hughes’ music dashboard

/r/tableau regular, Mr. Mat Hughes, sent me this great little dashboard of his music listening as tracked by last.fm. I wanted to make it more obnoxiously obvious that it was about music, so when I was done, it looked like this:

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Here’s some of the stuff I did:

Lari’s Disney Dashboard

The story behind this dashboard is that Lari McEdward, Tableau instructional video extraordinaire, and her sister were trying to choose a Disney movie to watch and resolved to make the decision by choosing the movie with the best songs. They judged all the songs and created this pretty-in-pink viz. Here’s my pimped version:

Learn About Tableau

Here’s some of the stuff I did:

Tweet me if you want more info on any of this. Hopefully you picked up some fun tricks that’ll make your dashboards a little more pimpin! To close, here’s some tweets:

“In case you were wondering what my data skirt was saying today…” @jeweloree explaining her music data on her skirt! HA! #data14 #datanerd

— Kristie Bauer (@kristiekbauer) September 10, 2014

@jeweloree teaching a valuable lesson – “what is pimping?” #data14 pic.twitter.com/ibGIz0fL9a

— Graeme Crawford (@n1jimmy) September 11, 2014

@jeweloree has fun ways of showing filter fails. #data14 #tableau pic.twitter.com/RiG1Wv0LTW

— Kristie Bauer (@kristiekbauer) September 10, 2014

@jeweloree this is BY FAR my favorite text I’ve received at #data14 pic.twitter.com/tpyUQQ2anO

— Mat Hughes (@MatHughesTweets) September 10, 2014

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