Pop Viz: Seattle Music Venues

August 19, 2014

In case you missed it, I made this viz for our Destination Data countdown. Every week a different Tableau employee will share their insider knowledge of things to do in Seattle. You may have gathered as much by now, but I am a bit of a music fanatic. I go to at least 1 live show a week. In fact, just this past weekend, I was in Portland for Musicfest NW where I saw awesome bands like HAIM, Spoon, Tuneyards, and Man Man. Even with a lineup like that, the part of the weekend I was most excited for was an after party show at a tiny club with my local heroes Tacocat and my newest obsession, Tijuana Panthers. I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that I was fangirling pretty hard. I’ve got data to back up my claim:

I've been listening to them A LOT.

I mean, just look how excited I was to take a picture with two-thirds of them.


I love live music culture and am so devoted to the scene that I considered (well, really I’m still considering) getting a tattoo of something like this on my inside right wrist:

place stamp here

(because when you go to shows in clubs they usually stamp your wrist so that you can get in and out.)

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite venues in the viz below. I tend to like smaller, more intimate places. A lot of fantastic acts come through the bigger venues like Paramount and the Showbox and they are beautiful buildings, but I just don’t feel it as much in those places. Not to mention that I’m often too short to see anything at those venues if I’m in the pit. Here’s the dashboard if you’d like to explore!

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