Pop Pot Viz: Mapping Potential Cannabis Retailers in Washington

June 6, 2014

Woohoo! Weed!

It’s been a long time coming since the passing of Initiative 502, which legalized the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes in the state of Washington. Since passing in 2012, the Liquor Control board, who was responsible for creating the rules and maintaining licenses for cannabusinesses, has dragged it’s feet when it came to handing out the licenses. Last month, they publicly announced a list of the latest license lottery winners. It’s my understanding (which I’ll admit is a little hazy…not because I’m stoned but because the rules around cannabusinesses are incredibly confusing) that this list will still be pared down even more, so not all of these potential shops will exist. Basically, the better the rank, the more likely that store is to exist. Use the slider on “Lottery Rank” to see the stores with higher potential to open. However, it was just announced that the first official recreational cannabis store is now licensed and slated to open July 1st, so hopefully I can get an updated list soon.

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Once stores are starting to open, I’ll make more maps of where they are and maybe some information about ratings/prices, etc. Hopefully that’ll be in time for all my lovely Tableau friends that’ll be coming to Seattle for Tableau Conference! 😉

You can be as happy as this guy!

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