Happy Valentine’s Day: Find Your Match and Take them to Dinner

February 14, 2014

Hey all you single ladies (and guys)!


On this very day last year, I landed my first Viz of the Day: Dateless in Seattle. I held Tableau Public training this morning, and as a fun treat for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would rebuild this viz. The original was build in Tableau 7, and it is obvious. I did some more Tableau 8 style formatting. I also had a stroke of genius in the middle of the training and added a new feature: if you click on a zip code, you’ll get a link to find a good date spot. This searches Yelp for “romantic restaurants” in that zip code. Although, if you don’t have a reservation by now, you probably are in pretty bad shape…

Here’s the viz we built in training this morning. It was a quick build, so pardon my lack of polish. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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