On the Tableau Public blog: Creating and Utilizing Custom Shapes

October 7, 2013

Want to learn how to do awesome stuff like use Game of Thrones sigils to make sweet lollipop charts?

Game of Thrones Lollipop chart

Check out my post on the Tableau Public blog on creating and utilizing custom shapes! If you haven’t been following the Tableau Public blog, we are one week into Design Month and we’ve already got tons of great content! Peter Gilks wrote a great post about the design thought that went into his viz about New York City Skyscrapers. Iron Viz champion Ryan Sleeper also came up with a great post about color theory. And if YOU post your tips, tricks, and thoughts on design in Tableau on your blog, you can win a DATA hoodie! Check it out and stay tuned to the blog all month. We’ve got lots of exciting stuff lined up for you over there!


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