Pop Viz: Hello Etsy aka The Cutest Viz EVER

September 17, 2013

Oh man guys, I had some fun with this one. What you are about to feast your eyes on is data scraped from Etsy using IFTTT, which is quickly becoming my favorite set-it-and-forget-it data tool. I scraped anything tagged “Hello Kitty” from August 14th to September 17th.

I didn’t expect any crazy revelations in the data besides that there is A LOT of Hello Kitty crap on Etsy. And most of it is under $5 it seems! I really wanted to do this because I knew it would be a blast to design. And oh man it was.

To start with, I used an adorable color palette I found on colorlouvers.com:

Color by COLOURlovers

I followed the instructions to add colors to my preferences file. Originally, I had this in as a “regular” palette, meaning that it was meant for discrete data. But, it looks pretty continuous to me, and all my data was continuous, so I made it an ordered diverging palette! Weee! Isn’t this fun already?!

Next, I wanted the text to be just as adorable as the colors. I switched pretty much everything to Comic Sans (I know… boo! hiss! but John Maeda said it was ok at his TCC13 Keynote!). I also downloaded a sweet font off of dafont.com called “Loveness Three”

I grabbed a vector image of Hello Kitty and blew it up really big to make the header. I felt it was a particular stroke of genius to put the hover help menu (my signature trick!) in her bow. How nifty!

I’ll go into more detail about the design work behind this viz next month, since it will be Design month at Tableau Public! Without further ado, here’s a dashboard with more hot pink than you will ever see on Tableau Public ever again:

Learn About Tableau

P.S. If you hover around a little bit, you may find a little Easter egg. Tweet me a screenshot of it by 5pm PST on 9/18/2013 to be entered in a random drawing for the Tableau t-shirt of your choice!

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