Pop Viz: Scalpers Suck

May 8, 2013

Sasquatch! Music Festival has a killer lineup this year. It’s no surprise that tickets sold out in a record 90 minutes. With tickets going that quickly, people are turning to the after market to try to score wristbands. All over the forums, ticketless fans were repeatedly told to wait until a couple of weeks before the festival, that way ticket prices will be close to face value. These graphs were floated around a lot:

2011 Sasquatch Ticket Prices2012 Sasquatch Ticket Prices


The pattern this year, however, is a little absurd. I’ve been scraping the Seattle Craigslist for posts and I put the data in a Tableau viz. As you can see, ticket prices have not had any kind of consistent downward trend. They are rarely offered for below $400, even now that we are only weeks away from the Memorial Day Weekend festival. In my personal experience, half of these posts seem like scammers, too. One in particular keeps saying that they will only deal over eBay and asks for a bunch of personal information so they can “set up the transaction.” I bought my tickets presale, so I’m all set to go (thank god!), but I’ve been looking for tickets for my friends and it has been pretty rough. I’m not sure if it’s just increased demand that is leading to ridiculous after-market prices on Sasquatch tickets or if there are other factors, but I think we can all agree that these kinds of scalpers totally suck.

UPDATE 5/21/2013: I’ve been updating this viz basically everyday which involves cleaning up the dataset. There’s only 3 more days until Sasquatch and judging by the amount of “WANTED!” posts I had to delete from my data, I’d say it’s definitely a Seller’s market right now. Perhaps the age old wisdom of “Wait until the last week and prices will go under face value!” is proving to be obsolete.

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May 10, 2013 @ 9:08 am

Nice graph, glad someone did some research on this because the scalping this year is very poopy. I remember just 2 years ago I bought a ticket about a month before the event for face value via craigslist. Dunno if I got lucky then or if it has really changed that much. Either way I’m so happy I bought mine back in November.

    May 10, 2013 @ 10:33 am

    Thanks! I remember looking around Craigslist last year, and they were mostly below face value around this time. I’m interested to see if there will still be people at the festival trying to unload extra tickets. Last year, people were selling extras for around $100 at the festival.

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