Music, moods, and…menstruation?

March 5, 2013

Back when I was making my Grammy’s dashboard, I was spending a lot of time on They have a lot of cool visualizations in their “Playground” section. One of them includes this slick looking area graph based on the mood of the music you’ve scrobbled:
I like to listen to jazz in the bathtub during shark week. Sue me.


I showed it to a coworker and he pointed out the pattern of listening to sadder, slower music every couple of weeks. He asked me what that was about. I couldn’t answer him right away. When I got home that night, I stared at it a little bit more. “No…this couldn’t correspond with….” I thought to myself. I pulled out my phone and opened up the app I use to track my menstrual cycle (yes, they make apps for that and if you have a uterus and are of childbearing age, you should use one) to see if the dates corresponded. Indeed, November 19th and December 22nd were both the start dates of my menstrual cycle. Weird.

This isn’t particularly useful information for me, but it’s interesting. You learn all kinds of interesting facts about yourself when do self data collection. My partner suggested that it could be used to predict when shark week is coming. It does seem that mood starts changing a few days prior. Now he knows what to expect when I start listening to John Coltrane in the bathtub.


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